What Others Say....


“I have had the privilege of attending many of Sacha’s workshops and meditation classes, and I keep coming back for more of her calm manner and incredible insights. 

She is also my Kinesiologist, which means when things aren’t going right for me, she’s the one I trust implicitly to reset me in every way. 
Her firm yet gentle manner, her kindness and humour, and above all her vast knowledge gives me the utmost confidence in her as a practitioner of the body, mind and soul”.

— Bel Bowers, Mind Body Medicine Lecturer, Melbourne Australia


"Sacha is one of the most amazing Kinesiologists I've ever encountered. The combination of her gentle nature, her comprehensive understanding of mind-body medicine, and most importantly, her heart-centred energy, makes you feel incredibly nurtured throughout the entire process. I walked out feeling relaxed, grounded and totally taken care of. I couldn't recommend her more highly".

— Meg James, Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher, Melbourne, Australia

“I participated in Sacha's online workshop, Creating with Clarity and was blown away by the energy and connection that came from it. It was the second time I'd completed something like this online and I have to say the intimate energy that Sacha created was a testimony to her. I would never have thought it could be achieved online. The meditations, teachings and reflections were led in a most compassionate, warm and wise manner. The overall experience was just beautiful and trans formative, I would highly recommend signing up for one and wouldn't let the thought of something being presented online put you off. Whether you are an experienced meditator or are new to it, I couldn't recommend her teachings enough".

— Jane Fitzgerald, Mindfulness Teacher, Dublin, Ireland

“Sacha came into my life at a crisis point in my health and wellbeing. The goals I set for myself, were ones I never thought I could achieve on my own, but with her guidance, patience and encouragement, they became an integrated part of my life. Sacha’s personal journey is an inspiring one and her gentle energy and passion for wellness are infectious. She has a treasure trove of tips and remedies and is a joy to work with!”

— Sasha, Multi Disciplined Designer& Researcher, Sydney, Australia

"Sacha is an amazingly thoughtful and gifted teacher with a wisdom far beyond her years. Drawing from a breadth of life experiences, she truly embodies mindfulness; meeting others with heartfelt compassion, acceptance, and a patience for them finding their own innate strength.  Sacha lives out her passion for inspiring wellbeing with great integrity and moves even the busiest of souls to find peace in the everyday. Empower yourself & make the choice to see her today."

 — Sarah Rudd, Physiotherapist, Melbourne, Australia

"The time I have spent with Sacha has greatly improved my quality of life and I am thankful to her and her brilliant coaching on a daily basis.  Working in a stressful environment, I have found Sacha’s clear and inspiring instruction has made a huge impact on how I approach each day.  I now know what to do in times of stress, and have discovered and maintained a way to balance my life more. The result of which is that I am now more productive, more happy and have more energy. To be honest, it has been totally life changing!

Sacha's advice was truly holistic – she helped me to learn how to prioritise and keep a checklist of goals to keep my life in order. In addition she taught me meditation techniques that were easy to implement and even evaluated my diet and exercise regime, and offered suggestions to improve these areas that were manageable and effective. The result of all this is that my mind feels clearer and I am able to work more efficiently and productively.

I really can’t recommend Sacha enough. She’s friendly, easy to talk to, and clear with her instruction. My advice would be to stop reading this review, and start talking to Sacha… An improved life awaits!"

— Susan Hosking, Executive Creative Director, London, England

“Sacha has the ability to make the impossible seem reachable. In her coaching sessions she manages to create a genuine caring, non judgmental space full of insights, laughter and positive energy. This gave me a strong platform to start changes in my life. Every time I left after a session with her I felt lighter, in my state of mind and my heart. I was back on track to achieve my goals. I am amazed by the subtle and knowledgeable way Sacha has taken me through her coaching sessions. She has a unique ability to understand both the ‘practical’ and spiritual side of being a human, which makes conversations with her very rewarding. On top of that she is extremely generous in her way of dealing with people and she has truly touched my heart.”

— Caroline Sascha Cogez, Film Director, Copenhagen, Denmark

“Working with Sacha was so effortless, I kept forgetting we hadn’t known each other for years. She is an amazing listener who took the time to really guide me through my issues and find answers that resonated with me and the path I wanted to follow. Despite my inherent laziness, she kept me on that path with constant reminders, encouragement, endless patience, and good humor. There aren’t words to express just how grateful I am to have found Sacha at one of the hardest points in my life. I’m not sure how I would’ve made it through the last few months without her. ”

— Joy Jarme, Artist Manager, Los Angeles, USA

“Having worked with Sacha in the film industry I knew what a high achiever she was, and was keen to see how she could coach me through my own exciting but challenging business opportunities, as well as my ambitions to improve my health. Her intuitive contribution enabled me to seemingly effortlessly achieve much more than I had planned. Definitely life changing.”

— Kay Goss, Fashion Designer, Auckland, New Zealand

"I love working with Sacha because she touches and inspires people wherever she goes.  She not only guides and informs, but walks her talk. Sacha has an innate ability to connect with you on a heart and soul level which makes your health and wellness journey all the more profound - and fun!  Sacha is constantly growing and expanding herself, and is not shy to follow her own "heart’s calling”.  She is a guiding light in her field and looks at the whole person and beyond.  I would not only recommend Sacha for health issues but also for Life Coaching!"

— Michelle Coassin, Theta Healer, Sydney, Australia

"I’m so grateful to you dear Sacha for having designed and coached me through a program that brought clarity and oh so much insight to where I am today in my journey, and most importantly where I want to go. I had many accomplishments in my life but had lost my authentic compass…and then a miracle happened…I started working with you and my whole life changed for the better!  I had so many AHA moments that I was able to design and start living a new, authentic and happy life.  You have a real gift for inspiring and motivating without pushing! Not sure yet how you do that (maybe it’s magic)... hahaha!  But it’s working wonders!  It is such a joy and an honour to be working with you during my journey of transformation and rebirth!  You are loving and so wise, and oh so generous!  Each time I connect with you I feel like I’ve been touched by an angel!  I just wish all of my friends and loved ones could connect with you and experience some of your magic!  You have a true gift and are definitely living your Dharma!"

— Anita Morrow, Real Estate Developer, Ontario, Canada

"I can only say positive comments about Sacha’s work and presence!  She is warm, caring, concerned about the results, resourceful and fun! She had the most beautiful presence to my needs and I’m grateful for all she helped me with.  Seriously, she is the most caring and calming person I’ve had the pleasure to be coached by!  I totally recommend her to anybody wanting to find balance in their life."

— Linda Leclerc, Laughter Yoga Instructor, Ontario, Canada