We don't meditate to get good at meditation, we meditate to get good at life.


Meditation is a powerful tool to help build awareness, and over time can have significant physiological benefits that can be life changing; bringing in a greater sense of ease and calm into our lives.

It's been instrumental for me personally, being able to create some major shifts, as well as become more present, less reactive, and more joyful on a daily basis.

My intention is to create a safe space where you can explore meditation, to meet you where you are at today; as either a beginner, or more experienced meditator. 

In my classes you will learn different elements of mindfulness, including developing a greater sense of peace, acceptance and compassion, for yourself and others.


You will also be encouraged to develop within the practice itself, re-framing any limiting beliefs around meditation, gaining an understanding that every time you meditate, whether the mind is active that day, or you feel quite calm; that each time you sit you are gaining physiological benefit.   

I am a certified teacher through Melbourne Meditation Centre, and a qualified member of Meditation Association of Australia, as well as a depth of understanding that comes from my own incredible teachers.  

Whether you're a beginner or more experienced, I give you practical tools that you can use in everyday life, long after the session has finished.  My belief is the true proof of our practice is what happens out in world when our eyes are open, rather than just the experience on the chair. 

BENEFITs can be:

  • Improve your immunity and health

  • Reduce stress or anxiety

  • Get better sleep

  • Have more clarity and focus

  • Be more productive

  • Have greater compassion for yourself and others

  • Have more connection to yourself or something deeper

  • Be more present with your family, friends, partner and/or children

  • Have greater wellbeing and peace


If you're are based in Melbourne I teach the following meditation classes:

Happy Melon Studios - Every Monday 6.05pm, Tuesday 7.05am & 8.45am and Wednesday 6.05pm - 25min classes in their gorgeous meditation room. Including various other times during the week.  Please see timetable for details.

 A - Space - Please see their timetable for details.


Learn to meditate in the privacy of your own home or in your preferred venue.  Skype classes are also available.  Tailored to you and your needs, you will also receive an e-book of everything you've learnt durning our session together.  

What others say.....

"Sacha is an amazingly thoughtful and gifted teacher. Drawing from a breadth of life experiences, she truly embodies mindfulness; meeting others with heartfelt compassion, acceptance, and a patience for them finding their own innate strength.  Sacha lives out her passion for inspiring wellbeing with great integrity and moves even the busiest of souls to find peace in the everyday. Empower yourself & make the choice to see her today."

 Sarah Rudd, Physiotherapist, Melbourne

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