We don't meditate to get good at meditation, we meditate to get good at life.

Feeling stressed and want improved wellbeing?  

When you think of meditation do you have thoughts such as:

"I think too much to meditate"  


"I don't have time for meditation"

What if I told you that it's okay to have an active mind?  

And did you know that meditation can actually help you become more organized and focused?

I provide 1:1 training and classes that demystify meditation for busy professionals; incorporating mindfulness techniques to decrease stress and increase wellbeing so you can be more effective in both the workplace and in your personal time.


Whether you are a beginner or more experienced, I aim to give you practical tools that you can use in everyday life long after the session has finished. 

There are over 10,000 pieces of research on the benefits of meditation and mindfulness.  


- Improve your immunity and health

- Reduce stress or anxiety

- Get better sleep

- Have more clarity and focus

- Be more productive

- Have greater compassion for yourself and others

- Have more connection to yourself or something deeper

- Be more present with your family, friends, partner and/or children

- Have greater wellbeing and peace


If you're are based in Melbourne I teach the following meditation classes:

Happy Melon Studios every Wednesday at 6.05pm for a 25min class in their gorgeous meditation room.

Further meditation classes at Happy Melon on the following individual days:

Monday 24th April: 6.05pm - 25 mins

Tuesday 9th May: 11.00am - 45 mins Relaxation Class

Monday 1st June: 8.45am - 25 mins

Brighton Baths Health Club on Sunday evening at 5pm outdoors on their beautiful pier for a 50min class.  

Chuan Spa at The Langham Hotel every Monday at 1.15pm.

Members and non members welcome.  


What others say.....

"Sacha is an amazingly thoughtful and gifted teacher with a wisdom far beyond her years. Drawing from a breadth of life experiences, she truly embodies mindfulness; meeting others with heartfelt compassion, acceptance, and a patience for them finding their own innate strength.  Sacha lives out her passion for inspiring wellbeing with great integrity and moves even the busiest of souls to find peace in the everyday. Empower yourself & make the choice to see her today."

 Sarah Rudd, Physiotherapist, Melbourne