My Story

I live a blessed and healthy life, but it hasn't been an easy journey to get here.  In November 2009 I woke up with pain all throughout my body.  From a vibrant, active person, I turned into a extremely unwell one literally overnight.  It was an extraordinary period of my life. 

Initially misdiagnosed and given the wrong medication, I finally found the help of an integrative medical practitioner, but this wasn't until I had gone into complete collapse.  Unable to walk and leave my apartment, I started the long road to wellness. 

I had a period of being very angry about what happened, for getting myself into this state in the first place, as I was already a big believer in the mind, body connection.  However I realized focusing on the negative wasn't for me.  Instead I wanted to put my energy into all the things that made me well again, and hopefully help others before they reached a point that I did.

I do believe that our lifestyle choices and mental state contribute greatly to our overall wellbeing, and that we need to treat the root of the problem with illnesses, rather than just the symptoms of the disease.  While I had always considered myself a healthy person prior to this happening, it has lead me to make significant changes to my life.  Through nutritional adjustments, mindfulness practices, a lot of self care, and the assistance of my integrative doctor, plus many other wonderful practitioners, I slowly made the transition back to good health.

I still look to that time to pinpoint exactly what went wrong, and there were many factors.  Working as a film producer in the advertising industry at the time, mostly what it came down to was a life that was completely out of balance, not loving myself enough, putting my energy into the wrong things, and all the stress that came with this.  

Increasingly many people throughout the world are diagnosed with illnesses such as cancer, auto immune disease and mental health disorders on a daily basis.  Mine was a combination of fibromyalgia, adrenal fatigue, anaemia, leaky gut, out of balance hormones and mercury toxicity.  Each of these things contributing factors to the other. 

I feel blessed that my wake up call to life was something I could get past and I now am in total recovery.  Although I always have to pay close attention to the way I am living, and any little pangs of pain are reminders of keeping this balance.   It has come to a point where I can enjoy the nudges. 

I came out the other side a renewed person, more grateful and thankful for my life than ever before.   I am not sorry it happened because it has lead me to many things I may not have experienced otherwise. 

The culmination of this was to take on a move to the other side of the world, living in Denmark for 3 1/2 years, as well as a change in my career path.  Through both of these things I have faced challenges I couldn't even imagine, but also joy that I could never have predicted either.

Life is an imperfect journey but there is also a fabulousness in that, as it encourages us to explore ourselves and push ourselves further to achieve greater wellness, peace and happiness. 

My story continues and as I go I hope to share it with you. 

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