Significant Shift - 3 month package

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching with Sacha Stewart


1.5hr + 5 x 45 min follow up with email support via Skype or In Person

 A 3 month package is my most popular form of coaching, as you see results and build self efficacy to continue on your journey.

As busy, fast paced, creative women we often know we need to make changes, but somehow feel lost with how to start.

 * Do you desire to live in a different way, but not sure how?

* Do you know that you could get more out of life with some shifts to your current lifestyle? 

* If you could just get some healthy habits going you know that you would have more energy to enjoy the things you love? 

1:1 Private Coaching allows you to have regular dedicated time to work on areas to achieve results

I specialize in working with busy women in the creative industries, as having 20 years as a film producer, I've had many of the same experiences that you are facing.  I know how much we can love our work, but how exhausting it can be, that it's demanding, and how challenging it is to keep your wellness at an optimum, while maintaining both your professional and personal life. 

Trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2013/2014, as well as qualifications from Wellcoaches on the psychology and methodology behind coaching in 2015, I am also a certified mindfulness and meditation practitioner. 

What this includes:

A wellbeing questionnaire for you to complete prior to your consultation. 

This allows me to do pre-work and research prior to our meeting together so we can maximise our time.

1.5hr initial consultation to go over your lifestyle patterns and where you would like to make changes and shifts.  In partnership with me, you create an overall life vision, including your wellbeing.  You then create goals of where you would like to be in 3 months time, and what you would like to achieve in our time together.

You receive a tailored plan from me of your vision, 3 month goals and any other key aspects we have discussed during your initial consultation.  We return to this several times during the 90 days to help keep you on track. 

5 x 45 min consultations every fortnight, where we come together to create small steps for you to achieve within the 2 week period.  You discuss where you have had success and challenges, and we work together to ensure you keep motivated and moving ahead. 

After every 45 min consultation you receive a list of your next steps and goals that you will be working on for the coming fortnight.

Email support throughout the 3 month period.

Your sessions, vision and goals are completely created for you and your needs. 

This package is suitable for women in busy creative industries, that want to increase their wellbeing, and want more enjoyment out of life.

Book in for a complementary 15 min Discovery Chat to find out more about working together. 


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