Creating a healthy workplace increases productivity, uplifts morale, improves energy levels, decreasing absenteeism and employee turnover, forging a stronger business culture.
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When we're passionate about what we do and are committed to our work, it's hard to have an off switch. However, working in the advertising and production world for many years, I know first hand the toll this can take on our physical health and our personal happiness.  

Life's pace seems to increase every year without any sign of slowing, and stress has become a chronic condition in our lives; the UN has gone as far as to call it the 21st century health epidemic.  

80-90% of diseases are stress related, yet we continue on with our busy lives, not really paying heed to warning signals; and we can't keep living at this pace without consequences on our physical and mental health.  

You have the opportunity to create an interactive workshop tailored specifically for your business and employees, to encourage them to integrate techniques to help reduce anxiety and improve their outlook and wellbeing.  

While some stress can be positive when we have tight deadlines, or busy periods where it helps us to think on our feet; ongoing normalised stress is increasing levels of heart disease, high blood pressure, weight gain and auto immune diseases, plus other health issues are all on the rise.  Women in particular are affected as it creates havoc with hormones and can even affect fertility. 

Stress costs businesses worldwide billions of dollars a year, which is quite staggering.

My aim is to educate your employees to see how small shifts can make a big difference; by giving them tools to increase energy, decrease anxiety, lower stress levels, as well as demystifying meditation and mindfulness.  They can benefit from simple techniques that can be used on a daily basis to enable them to have more balance in their lives.  

They can learn:

- The one minute breathing technique that can turn off the fight or flight syndrome when faced with chronic stress and anxiety.  

- Strategies and tips on how to create work/life balance so they feel happier and have more energy both at home and within your business.  

- What meditation actually is and the benefits it can provide for their health and wellbeing.  Including an understanding of the misconceptions around meditation that often stop people from giving it a go.

- An understanding of mindfulness practices in the workplace, including handling the constant email and social media we face these days, as well as and awareness of how multi-tasking can actually make us unproductive and use up our precious energy levels.  

- Simple techniques that can be used in the workplace to bring back clarity and focus.

- Nutritional knowledge that keeps our health at an optimum, as well as foods specifically related to stress.

- Why exercise, including breath-focused exercise, elevate our mood and lift our energy, lowering anxiety.

- The importance of fresh air and sunshine, to increase serotonin, the feel good hormone.    

- The importance of sleep and tips on how to get a good night's rest. 

- Incorporating habits that make us happy on a daily basis.   

- Understand how mindful living can help us deal with stress and our emotions in healthy ways, enabling us to have better relationships in the workplace and at home. 

In a 2 hour workshop you receive a tailored program to your specific business and the needs of your employees.

On request I can also provide 1:1 coaching to your employees for more individual attention.   

What others say.....

"The Team at Chuan Spa Langham Melbourne thoroughly enjoyed Sacha’s meditation workshop.  Her warm, gentle and empathetic approach to teaching, created a comfortable and safe space for the team to be able to relax. She took them through a variety of meditations and gave them tools they could implement to help them manage their stress levels on a daily basis.  Completely non-judgemental and inclusive, Sacha’s meditation workshop had a lasting and profound effect on the team long after she left."

 - Micheline Trigg, Spa Manager, Chuan Spa Langham Hotel