Creating a healthy workplace increases productivity, uplifts morale, improves energy levels, decreasing absenteeism and employee turnover; forging a stronger business culture, helping your team to thrive. 

When we're at our best, our minds can think creatively, innovatively and strategically; ideas flow and we’re able to focus and think with clarity.   

However, life's pace seems to increase every year without any sign of slowing, and stress has become a chronic condition in our lives.  

The UN has called stress the 21st century health epidemic, and 80-90% of illness are related, leading to both absenteeism and presenteeism in the workplace.  

Especially, when your team are passionate about what they do, it's hard to have an off switch, and they can suffer from burn out and illness; leaving them feeling depleted, both physically and mentally.  

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Having worked in the marketing and film production world for many years, I know first hand the toll this can take on their health and personal happiness.

Organisations, now have the possibility to find pro-active and positive ways to work with their team to increase their overall wellbeing, including mindfulness and meditation techniques, as well as overall wellness education, leading to a happy and healthy workplace.

You have the opportunity to create an interactive workshop and ongoing programs, tailored specifically for your organization and team. They gain practical tools to improve their own wellbeing, simultaneously leading to enhanced productivity and positive cultural change within the work environment.  

BEnefits for youR ORGANISATION and team:

  • Increased energy and positive outlook
  • Improved wellbeing and happiness, which enhances productivity
  • Decreased absenteeism and presenteeism
  • More clarity and focus
  • An enhanced ability for creative, innovative and strategic thinking
  • Job satisfaction leading to lower employer turnover
  • Lower stress and anxiety levels
  • Positive cultural change within the workplace
  • An understanding of how small shifts can make a big difference to overall physical and mental wellbeing.


On request I can also provide 1:1 coaching to your employees for more individual attention.   
What others say.....

"The Team at Chuan Spa Langham Melbourne thoroughly enjoyed Sacha’s meditation workshop.  Her warm, gentle and empathetic approach to teaching, created a comfortable and safe space for the team to be able to relax. She took them through a variety of meditations and gave them tools they could implement to help them manage their stress levels on a daily basis.  Completely non-judgemental and inclusive, Sacha’s meditation workshop had a lasting and profound effect on the team long after she left."

 - Micheline Trigg, Spa Manager, Chuan Spa Langham Hotel