Wellness is the complete integration of body, mind and spirit; the realisation that everything we do, think, feel and believe has an effect on our state of being.


Meditation & Mindfulness

Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, in Sacha’s meditation sessions, her aim is to give you practical tools that you can use in every day life, long after the session is finished.

She teaches at Happy Melon and A-Space as well as for many large corporate organisations.

You can find her meditations on Insight Timer.


Kinesiology & Mind Body Medicine

Kinesiology and Mind Body Medicine is a powerful tool of transformation. In sessions Sacha assists you to discover what lies beneath your subconscious blocks, limiting beliefs, and also health issues; to empower you to create change and step confidently into your future.



“I have had the privilege of attending many of Sacha’s workshops and meditation classes, and I keep coming back for more of her calm manner and incredible insights. She is also my Kinesiologist, which means when things aren’t going right for me, she’s the one I trust implicitly to reset me in every way. Her firm yet gentle manner, her kindness and humour, and above all her vast knowledge gives me the utmost confidence in her as a practitioner of the body, mind and soul.”

~ Bel Bowers - Lecturer - Melbourne Australia