Kinesiology and Mind Body Medicine is a powerful tool of transformation.  It assists you to discover what lies beneath your subconscious blocks, limiting beliefs, and also health issues; to empower you to create change and step confidently into your future.


It works on the basis that every person is a complete and integrated whole; that the mind, the emotions, the biochemical, the energetic, as well as the physical body, all work together interdependently to create homeostasis.   Whenever any of these areas are out of balance they can affect our energy, our health and state of wellbeing.

Each session is tailored specifically for you.  We work with the Chinese meridian system and acupressure points, brain function, nutritional and hormonal processes, the chakras, as well as flower essences and sound, to assist the body to come into balance, helping you to be more aligned with your life's purpose and bring in a deeper sense of confidence.  



- Assists with physical and emotional imbalances.

- Assists you to create positive choices and positive thought patterns.

- Can increase confidence and an improved outlook on life.

- Can help with transformation and finding life direction.

- Tools and knowledge on how to manage your stress levels.

- Encouragement to see food as medicine as well as looking at any biochemical and hormonal imbalances.

- Assistance to help you create practices of self-care and self love.

- An opportunity to see how small shifts can have a big impact on your life.

- Belief in yourself that you can make and sustain changes, and that anything is possible.

- Support as you make these changes with empathy, understanding and respect. 

You have an innate intelligence and wisdom about yourself and your body.  I'm not here to tell you what to do, rather I'm here to help you recognize that knowledge and bring out the best in you. 


During a Kinesiology session with Sacha, I found the combination of her gentle nature, her comprehensive understanding of mind-body medicine, and most importantly, her heart-centred energy, makes you feel incredibly nurtured throughout the entire process. I walked out feeling relaxed, grounded and totally taken care of. I couldn't recommend her more highly.

Meg James, Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher

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